Welcome Members of the Writers Guild of Great Britain

Welcome members of the Writers Guild of Great Britain!

We are delighted to welcome you to Hookmark, provide you with a 20% discount, and offer you assistance in getting the most out of Hookmark.

As @TheWritersGuild wrote on Twitter

WGGB members can now get 20% off the @hookmarkapp for #Mac users, which allows you to create links to files, emails, PDFs, notes, outlines, data files etc, enabling friction-free research and drafting for #writers

Discount code in our members’ area https://writersguild.org.uk/members-area/browse-exclusive-member-offers-and-discounts/

Message from our CEO, Luc P. Beaudoin (Ph.D. from University Birmingham England)

Like you, I am a writer! If you’re curious, see “Where I write cognitive productivity books, scientific articles, technical specs, and more”. I am also an adjunct professor of Cognitive Science and of Education at Simon Fraser University (BC, 🇨🇦). I live, breathe and apply cognitive science to help people like you and me.

We at CogSci Apps invented Hookmark to help knowledge workers like yourself create and learn more efficiently and effectively.

Hookmark addresses an insidious source of friction in writing: navigating between one’s manuscript and ancillary materials such as:

  • supporting web pages, videos, PDFs and files in Finder, Dropbox, etc.
  • one’s outline,
  • emails from co-authors, editors, reviewers, and others
  • style guides
  • images, recordings, tables, and other materials

Without Hookmark, to get from your manuscript environment (Scrivener, or any other link-friendly writing app), you need to search or click around, which puts you at risk of going down a rabbit hole. Rabbit holes cost you time, money, and mental energy.

Hookmark removes this insidious friction by connecting your manuscript to your ancillary materials. Moreover, Hookmark can connect (almost) anything to anything. So, for instance, Hookmark also helps you learn more efficiently, by bidirectionally linking your readings to your notes about them!

Hookmark does not replace your apps, it simply helps you get more value out of them, and out of your time.

I may be French Canadian, but I love Britain 😉, and have always loved British art, culture and philosophy. CogSci Apps Corp. is a Canadian 🇨🇦 company with HQ in British Columbia 😉.

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