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Deep PDF Linking: Copy a link to a specific location in a PDF
Using Hookmark with Bookends reference manager

Easy Navigation: With Hookmark, navigating through PDFs becomes a breeze. No more endless scrolling!

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“I have only begun scratching the surface of this application, but already I love what it can do. Now I can link files to todos so that I don’t have to keep multiple tabs of Pages docs or Numbers spreadsheets open.”


“Hookmark is amazing. I’m only just starting to see how profound it is to interconnect all the disparate pieces of my workflow. “Copy Markdown link” is worth it all by itself.”


“This is just great! I have been looking for this sort of app for years. Thanks to Hookmark, I can now simply attach the link of folders/files to any notes, which is brilliant :-)”

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Effortlessly Navigate PDFs and Get the Information You Need