How to Activate your license for Hookmark

Thank you for purchasing a Hookmark (Pro, Standard, Updates or Upgrade) license!

Paddle has sent you two emails: a receipt; and a Hookmark license activation link (URL).

If you do not receive these emails, please check your junk mail folders for email from If you still don’t see them, please send email to (Unfortunately, some mail service providers reject email without any notification, and those emails don’t even show up in your spam folders.)

How to activate your license

  1. If you haven’t already, please download and install the Hookmark app.
  2. To activate your license of Hookmark, please click the License Key link in one of the emails from Paddle.

Hookmark’s license activation process is described here.

Please keep your license key email in case you need your license in the future. If you use the Hookmark activation link (URL) a year or more from the time it was last sent, we (CogSci Apps) may email you a new link that replaces the one you previously received, for this same license. So, please add and to your email contact safelist/whitelist.

You will need your license key email when you install Hookmark on a different computer or significantly update your computer.

Of course, before applying an Updates or an “Upgrade to Pro” license on a Mac, you need to have applied the initial Hookmark license.

More information about Hookmark

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