How Could You More Efficiently Access Your Contacts? Enter Daylite and Hook

Last year I blogged about Using Hook & OmniOutliner as a Contact Management System. I wrote:

So, we’ve included in Hook’s ‘built-in templates’ folder a folder called Contact info & meetings - OmniOutliner which turns OmniOutliner into one of the world’s most versatile and user friendly contact management systems. (We also have a plain text version of this if you prefer.) This template folder contains the following files:

  • Agenda for meeting with.ooutline
  • Contact info re.ooutline
  • Minutes of meetings with.ooutline
  • Notes of meeting in progress with.ooutline

This enables you to use OmniOutliner as a contact manager/meeting planner.

Hook also includes plain-text templates of such useful information about contacts (agendas, contact info, meeting minutes, and notes about meetings in progress). That’s what I mostly use these days. I use BBEdit for plain text files including contact-management. But you can use just about any well-designed note-taking app. Hook’s templates are editable.

If you want to “up your game” even further, however, you should consider using a special-purpose contact manager like Daylite by Marketcircle.

Tim Stringer published very helpful information about Daylite on Learn OmniFocus. He covered how Hook can connect Daylite to OmniFocus and other information.

So you’re not limited to OmniFocus or OmniOutliner. Hook can connect Daylite content to any URL-friendly app, such as your favorite writing apps (e.g., Craft app) and/or note-taking apps like Agenda, Obsidian and nvUltra, and/or mind-mapping app, etc. There are too many apps compatible with Hook to list here.

We will soon publish a deep dive on using Hook with Daylite. So please feel free to share how you use Hook with Daylite or other contact management software: send it to or post it on the Hook forum. Or simply blog about it on your website and send us a link to your blog. We would link to it from here.