Hook Can Help You Navigate Your Social Media Posts

Social media use cases for Hook abound. Here’s one

  1. Smile Software published a blog post written by CogSci Apps co-founder, Luc P. Beaudoin: Creating Deep Links With Hook: A Worked Example – PDFpen
  2. Luc shared that link in a brief LinkedIn blog post.
  3. Those posts refer to a web page containing “extras” (a .zip file): Deep-Linking Worked Example – CogZest
  4. We shared this on social media:

Along the way, I hooked each item above to the next one. After this is published, I will hook this post’s URL too.

It takes less than two seconds to hook two items together. It quickly becomes a habit. It is immediately helpful because normally when a task involves two resources, during the task one wants to navigate back and forth between them. But there may be intervening items and events. The ‘hooks’can instantly re-establish one’s context, whether it is two minutes, two months or two years later.

This radically replaces the frustration of not being able to find related information with the joy of finding what may otherwise be lost.

Automatic bookmarking rocks!

And when you hook items together each side automatically gets bookmarked in Hook! So you can later access any of the items in the network through Hook’s search command. Once you get a handle on one item (through any means, whether it be Hook, Spotlight, google, or whatever), you can instantly navigate to the others.