Get Even More Out of Personal Information Managers (Such as Evernote™, DEVONthink™, EagleFiler™)

Augment your task management software with Hook. Whether you use a complex tool like OmniFocus or Things, or something simple (like TaskPaper or a text editor), Hook has you covered.

To describe just a few examples:

  • Link entire OmniFocus tasks or projects to what they are about, or their sources
  • Paste hook:// links, or other links you obtain through Hook, into your tasks (OmniFocus, Things, or any other Mac app)
  • Create efficient lists of information-based actions (e.g., your next actions can be links to specific files or other resources. So when you get back to work, all you need to do is click on that link to re-establish your work context!)

Hook isn’t a task-management app, of course. Instead, it augments your task manager.

Augment your Time-tracking and Billing too.

If you charge by the hour, it’s a very good idea to include links in your time tracking notes. With Hook, you can easily copy the address of any file, web page, email, etc., and paste it into your action logs.

Whether you use Timing, Toggl, a spreadsheet, or other apps, as long as they have a note field, you can paste links to documents.

  • For instance, if you spend 2 hours working on a particular document (whether it be on the web or a local file), you can include a link to it in your time tracking system
  • If you spend time writing or reading long emails to or from your client, you can include links to the emails. With Hook Lite (which is free), your client can click on that link to see what email you are talking about.
  • You can link the project, file or task that describes whatever you were working on during a time period.

Hook isn’t a time-tracking app, it augments your time-tracking app.

Over at CogZest, CogSci Apps Corp. co-founder Luc P. Beaudoin developed a free time-tracking spreadsheet-based system called mySelfQuantifier. Whether you use it or not, check out its description of the psychological requirements a good time-tracking system meets. Of course, you can use Hook with mySelfQuantifier. Luc uses it all the time.

And Hook is useful for accounting too

Whether you keep track of your expenses in a spreadsheet or use complex software, with Hook, you can create links to your receipts and paste them into your expense records.


Of course, there are many other ways to use Hook for task management, time-tracking, billing and accounting. Hence our Slogan: One app, infinite applications :).