Boost Your Business’s Productivity

Hook can boost your business’s productivity in more ways than we can enumerate here. Here’s a brief list of benefits upon which we will later expand.

  • Turn your Contacts app into CRM software (customer relationship management) by linking contacts to manifold resources about the person or company: documents, twitter, LinkedIn, emails, etc.
  • Include links to scanned bills, emails and more in your ledgers, spreadsheets, accounting software, notes, etc. Where accounting apps like Caseware requires linked items to be in a specific project folders, Hook lets them be just about anywhere.
  • Need to do some computations with respect to an invoice, PDF, email, web page, etc.? One command, and Hook links it to a new spreadsheet. Hook names, files and links the new file. Thereafter, you can quickly navigate between them.
  • Link documents to projects, tasks, and/or “TO-DO” or (e.g., OmniFocus and Things), so you can plan and execute actions pertaining to documents you are reading or writing.
  • Answer sales and customer support questions with knowledge. Link the contact to your “next call” file for that client, and to your “meeting minutes” file(s). Before a call, you can quickly prepare by accessing all linked information. During a call, you can quickly access information pertinent to that client.
  • Are you managing people? Use Hook to link key documents about your employee. That way, you can instantly prepare for a meeting by accessing those documents, without needing to navigate. Use a Spotlight, Finder, a launcher, Contacts , or whatever, to get any of the documents linked to that employee. Thereafter, just navigate linked items. Think Hub and Spoke.