Boost Your Business’s Productivity

Hookmark can boost your business’s productivity in more ways than we can enumerate here. Here’s a brief list of benefits upon which we will later expand.

  • Turn your Contacts app into CRM software (customer relationship management) by linking contacts to manifold resources about each person or company: documents, Twitter, LinkedIn, emails, etc.
  • Include links to scanned bills, emails and more in your ledgers, spreadsheets, accounting software, notes, etc. Where accounting apps like Caseware require linked items to be in specific project folders, Hookmark lets them be just about anywhere.
  • Need to do some computations with respect to an invoice, PDF, email, web page, etc.? With one command (“Link to New → Spreadsheet”), Hookmark creates a new spreadsheet, names it, files it and links it to the source document. Thereafter, you can quickly navigate between the source and the spreadsheet.
  • Link documents to projects, tasks, and/or “TO-DO” lists (e.g., OmniFocus or Things), so you can plan and execute actions pertaining to documents you are reading or writing.
  • Ask your employees to include, in their time sheets, links to documents upon which they worked.
  • Include links to documents in the time sheets and invoices you send to your clients.
  • Do you have an online community and customer support forum, like we do? Link raised issues to emails, drafts, and issues/bugs in your issue/bug tracking system. That way you can quickly deal with multiple dimensions of these complex matters.
  • Answer sales and customer support questions with knowledge. Link a contact to your “next call” file for that client, and to your “meeting minutes” file(s). Before a call, you can quickly prepare by accessing all linked information. During a call, you can quickly access information pertinent to that client.
  • Are you managing people? Use Hookmark to link key documents about your employee. That way, you can instantly prepare for a meeting by accessing those documents, without needing to navigate. Use Spotlight, Finder, a launcher, Contacts, or whatever, to get any of the documents linked to that employee. Thereafter, just navigate linked items. Think Hub and Spoke.