`Hookmark Cognitive Productivity Trainer` Certification Program

We @ CogSci Apps are launching the Hookmark Cognitive Productivity Training™ Certification Program. Certified Hookmark Trainers will be authorized by CogSci Apps Corp. to provide training on Hookmark.

There will be two levels of certification.

  1. Certified Hookmark Product Trainer.” This level requires in-depth knowledge of all the functions of Hookmark; and in-depth knowledge of macOS , iOS, and iPadOS.
  2. Certified Hookmark Integration Trainer“. This level is for Certified Hookmark Trainers who have demonstrated proficiency in using Hookmark with specific apps. For instance, a trainer may be certified for training Hookmark use with OmniFocus, DEVONthink, Notion, Daylite and/or Obsidian. This, of course, requires expertise in Hookmark, each integrated app, and how to use them together.

Certification requires

  • demonstrated competence with Hookmark,
  • demonstrated competence as a software trainer,
  • demonstrated understanding of Cognitive Productivity principles,
  • demonstrated ability to train customers specifically on using Hookmark for enhanced cognitive productivity,
  • demonstrated trustworthiness,
  • meeting professional, ethical and legal criteria (privacy, security, branding and other criteria), and
  • competence in English or French (the program will likely be extended to other languages; but our admin is F/E only).

Certification involves an application, exam, and annual renewal process.


The program is an attempt by CogSci Apps Corp. to ensure that customers receive training of the highest quality. However, certification specifically excludes any legal liability by CogSci Apps Corp. for the actions of trainers or customers. This program may in no way be construed as an employment offer. Not does it involve any form of remuneration by CogSci Apps Corp. to the trainers or their trainees. The program is designed for professionals acting as independent legal entities from CogSci Apps Corp.


If you are potentially interested in applying to be a Certified Hookmark Cognitive Productivity Trainer, please

  1. review https://CogSciApps.com;
  2. familiarize yourself with Cognitive Productivity books;
  3. send your CV and cover “letter” in an email to us with the subject equal to “Hookmark Cognitive Productivity Training Certification”.

Further details of the program will be released in the second calendar quarter.