Luc Beaudoin,

CogSci Apps Co-Founder

Luc is author of Cognitive Productivity: The Art and Science of Using Knowledge to Become Profoundly Effective; and of Cognitive Productivity with macOS®: 7 Principles for Getting Smarter with Knowledge. Hook addresses the “meta-access problem” that Luc described in his first book.


Luc has a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science. Early in his career, Luc was an at-founding employee of two of Canada’s most successful products. The problems that “knowledge workers” face using technology for creating, learning and problem-solving led Luc to decide, in 2001, to do launch a research-based business that would develop software to improve the cognitive productivity of knowledge workers. In 2002, he joined forces with Phil Winne at Simon Fraser University, where they started the Learning Kit project. Eight years later, he formed  CogZest and became Adjunct Professor of Cognitive Science and of Education at Simon Fraser University.

In 2014, he incorporated CogZest’s intellectual property into a new startup with Brian Shi CogSci Apps. They proved their concept with mySleepButton, while developing cognitive productivity software for macOS and iOS which was unseen to the public until 2019-01-30. Hook productivity is the first commercial pure cognitive productivity product of CogSci Apps.

Luc is also product manager for Hook.