Status of Internationalization of Hook 1.0 and of Its Compatibility with Apps That Are Not Displayed in English

As noted on Hook’s “Buy” page, and compatible apps page, Hook currently only officially supports macOS in the English display language. (See this Apple web page on macOS Display Language.)

Hook’s current limitation to English means the following:

  1. Hook’s display is currently presented in English regardless of the macOS display language setting. By “display” we mean the “user interface” (“UI”): labels, command names, etc.
  2. Whereas Hook works regardless of language with many apps, there are currently several apps that Hook cannot control when the macOS display language is not in English. This limitation applies to apps that do not provide full automation (via AppleScript or JavaScript), such that Hook needs to control them via “UI scripting”. UI scripting means that Hook controls the other app by calling commands¬†literally as they are displayed in their user interface. If the macOS display language is not English, and if the current app is internationalized, then the names of the commands that app displays will be different from what Hook currently expects. This limitation affects BusyContacts, Deliveries, Drafts, Fantastical, FireFox, and some other apps. We will add this information to the Hook compatibility page.
  3. User documentation is currently available only in English.

Upcoming internationalization

After the upcoming official 1.0 release of the Hook productivity app, it will be a priority of ours to support several other languages, starting with French and German. (Nous sommes une compagnie canadienne).

Please feel free to contact us to request support in other languages..

We appreciate the patience of non-English users who are waiting for the internationalization of Hook.

How users can overcome these limitations

Users who are proficient in AppleScript can overcome these limitations for their favorite apps by changing the names of the commands presented in Hook’s Scripts preferences tab. This will soon be discussed on the Hook Forum, where some non-English scripts will be shared for some apps.