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Customizing Hook Integration with DEVONthink

The purpose of this web page is to illustrate how you could customize Hook to integrate differently with DEVONthink. Most DEVONthink users will be content with Hook’s default integration with DEVONthink. By default Hook identifies DEVONthink items by their x-devonthink-item URL. Therefore, Hook’s Copy Link command returns x-devonthink-item URLs. However, users who primarily use DEVONthink …

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Better Note-taking

Note-taking is one of the most important of all cognitive activities. It focuses your mind on the most relevant information. It allows you to keep a permanent, concise record of complex source material. It helps you to learn, solve problems, and build new products. But guess what? Many adults have practically given up on note-taking! …

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Link-friendly Mac Apps

Linkable Mac Applications This document lists apps that we know can be used with Hook, meaning that you can bookmark and hook (bidirectionally link) their items together with Hook. The information results from our testing and/or Hook customers’. (See also : What’s a Linkable App and Why Does Linkability Matter?). Legend 👍 : The app …

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