Tinderbox-Hook Promo

We are delighted to provide a 30% off Hook as part of a time-limited promotion with Tinderbox software for macOS. Buy Hook and Tinderbox now, as sale expires on March 2, 2022.

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Tinderbox is made by Eastgate: serious hypertext. From the Tinderbox: The Tool For Notes website:

Tinderbox: The Tool For Notes “Tinderbox helps you visualize, analyze, and share your ideas.”.

Tinderbox helps you visualize, analyze, and share your ideas. Download and try it.

Whether you’re plotting your next thriller or writing your dissertation, designing a course, managing a legal practice, coordinating a campaign or planning a season of orchestral concerts, Tinderbox 9 will be your personal information assistant.

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Tinderbox-Hook meetup

CogSci Apps Corp. co-founder, Luc P. Beaudoin, was delighted to be a guest speaker at the February 19 Tinderbox meetup. The Tinderbox community is extremely knowledgeable, interested and interesting. He provided insight into Hook’s past, present and future. They also discussed integration with Tinderbox, of course.

Here’s the video (on vimeo) of this meeting. Hook is discussed on the Tinderbox forum, and Tinderbox is discussed on the Hook forum.

Praise for Hook:

“I really – REALLY – like this product. Great job!” (E.)

“This is a seriously helpful app.” (R.)

“Thank you for all that you and the team do to support more effective and efficient productivity on macOS, as Hook has saved me an innumerable number of hours!” (V.)

“Thank you again for making such a wonderful program for a professional researcher.” (S.)

“I love Hook (it just sort of works the way my brain does) and there are a few features in the new version I’d like to take advantage of.” (K.)

“Let me just say this: OH MY GOD WHY HAVE I NOT KNOWN THIS APP BEFORE. I sometimes use URIs, but they’re so limited. Thank you so much for creating it!” (A.)