Hook-Timing Promotion

Timing is an amazing time-tracking app for Mac. Timing has a web companion that lets you use Timing on other devices too.

Timing is now a URL-friendly app! This means you can now use Hook to connect your timing projects to what they are about. You can connect them to Finder folders, DEVONthink entries, OmniFocus projects, Merlin Project items, Scrivener chapters, and information in any other app that is link-friendly !

To celebrate this breakthrough in cognitive productivity, we and the developer of Timing are pleased to offer a limited time 10% discount on our products:

Sale ends at END OF MAY 20202, so act fast.

You can find out more about Using Hook With Timing here.

If you’ve read our co-founder’s Cognitive Productivity books, or his posts about mySelfQuantifier, you know just how important time-tracking software is for cognitive productivity. So take-advantage of this limited-time opportunity to boost your cognitive productivity, with Timing and Hook.