Hook for Student App Centre

What is Hook?

Hook connects the information you use to write great papers, take notes, and prepare for exams. Instead of searching, filing, and being distracted, Hook lets you click on links to get to the you urgently information need.

  • Hook connects your notes to what they are about. Whether you are reading a PDF, web page, e-book, or file, if the app has apt automation, Hook can link the information. You can even link to specific lines in a PDF.
  • Hook can also connect your draft, outline, references, “todo’s” and other supporting materials together.
  • Hook automatically bookmarks key information — not just web pages, but files, emails, tasks, and more. Searching in Hook quickly surfaces your most precious documents.
  • Hook’s links are bidirectional, which means you can navigate back and forth between your notes.

Hook does not replace your apps, it connects their data together. This stretches your budget, allowing you to get more value, and better grades for less effort, from using your current apps. For instance, Fantastical available on Student App.

Hook is a CogSci Apps® invention designed by Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin, who is Adjunct Professor of Cognitive Science and of Education at Simon Fraser University (Canada). Dr. Beaudoin is also author of Cognitive Productivity books. His work has been featured in Inc., Forbes, The New York Times, The Guardian, Lifehacker, Women’s Health, Oprah’s magazine, etc.

Search less, file less, and get better grades, with Hook!

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