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Craft is a great new writing app for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Craft and Hook are highly compatible apps: in philosophy and interoperability. Hook enables Craft users to link bidirectionally link (“hook”) their Craft documents to Finder files, emails, tasks, web pages, and much more. And Hook makes it easy to copy markdown links to anything and paste them in Craft.

Craft is built for digital devices from the ground up.
Craft brings back the joy to writing !

We are delighted to offer a discount to Craft users !

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Who uses Hook?

Hook’s nimble context-sensitive navigator is loved by people who need to focus on their project information, such as professors, researchers, writers, lawyers, software developers, students & creatives. Stay in flow, with Hook!

Co-founder Luc P. Beaudoin was recently interviewed on Mac Power Users by David Sparks and Stephen Hackett on Mac Power Users about Hook as a Contextual Computing tool. David writes :

If you want to go even further with this, I recommend downloading Hook on your Mac. Hook recently released version 2.0 that gives it even more features. Hook gives you extra tools for this linking workflow. Using Hook, you can keep associated links together in the Hook app. Hook also can put links on files and locations that aren’t otherwise linkable. For example, I use Hook to link documents on iCloud drive storage that would not be otherwise linkable. (However, these Hook links only work on the Mac.)


Downloaded Hook.

Using Hook with Craft

To find out more check out Using Hook with Craft. But be sure to use the coupon before this 25% special offer expires !

As that page notes Hook + Craft integration requires Big Sur. Craft itself requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or newer. We will look at providing macOS 10.15 support for Craft. (Hook itself works with 10.14 and newer.)

Compare Hook Pro and Hook Essentials

If you’d like to compare the features of Hook Essentials and Hook Pro, and see all the terms, check out this page.. Instead of using the buttons above, you can also use the Hook-Craft-docs coupon when checking out from the regular buy page.

The coupon only applies to first time Essentials and Pro purchases. It does not apply to Updates, Upgrades or Educational purchases.

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